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The Hochalm Trail

Trail for All Mountainbikers and E-Bikers

To all mountainbikers and e-bikers out there: This is your tour. An altitude of ca. 900 metres has to be hurdled starting directly from the valley. You can speed up your way  with the included Reiterkogelbahn, this way you will only have to hurdle an altitude of ca. 450 metres. Sunscreen is a must, because you will be able to enjoy an unobstructed view until you reach the peak. For those who would like a refreshment already on their way up, we suggest Rosswaldhütte. Our tip is the hearty spinach dumplings that taste like granny made them. There is a forest road up to the summit with an unobstructed view of the surrounding peaks of Steinberge and on the horizon wou will see the glitter of the glacier ice of Hohe Tauern. Spectacular views will accompany you along the ridge.

Hochalm Trail begins at the very end and is also suited for beginners. The only challenge are a few stone fields in the upper area of the trail, otherwise it is a simple route. Due to the altitude that needs to be hurdled on this route there are very few bikers. The way downhill is all yours! After about half way, a forest road will lead down to the valley. You have arrived and are still not tired? The picturesque surrounding at the head of the valley invites you for a little extra: A circular path via Ossmannalm to Saalalm and back will round off your day. These two rustic cabins invite to take a comfy break.

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