bird of prey demonstration kohlmais

birds of prey show at kohlmais

Owls, falcons & golden eagles

Experience the thrill of birds of prey in full flight! The art of raising and training birds of prey to hunt may no longer be common in Europe, but it remains a prestigious and popular activity on the Arabic peninsula and the highlands of Mongolia. Birds learn to wait patiently on the trainer's leather glove before soaring into the sky to take up the hunt. 

The birds of prey show at the Panaroma Alm (Kohlmais) features not only owls and falcons but also the king of the air: the majestic golden eagle. With a wingspan of more than two metres, fully grown golden eagles are among the larges birds of prey in the world. They can kill and carry off animals weighing up to 15 kg. Research has shown that marmots and small chamois are among their favourite prey. 

This show can be combined with a trip to the wild animal park where the animals are fed by hand verbinden daily between 10:00 and 11:00 on the meadow above the Panorama Alm.  

Location: Kohlmais, Panorama Alm
Info: don't forget to bring your camera

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